Marketo Helps you Enhance the Effectiveness of your Marketing Operations

Marketo Managed Service and Consulting

Unlike other platforms, Marketo is said to be a “system for Marketers built by Marketers” means it is easy to run or manage programs within the platform. But can but it leaves you with more question marks. You need the right talent, strategy, the right content, and data to take full advantage of your marketing automation investment. Experts at VMC will help you with technical and strategic guidance, educate your team on best practices and processes, leverage the full potential of Marketo environment and administer the day-to-day marketing needs. Marketo helps you streamline your marketing tasks and nurture the prospects in your pipeline and convert them to customers.

Why Choose Us?

Cost Effective


Deep Personalization

Accelerate Pipeline

Drive Revenue Growth

Build Productive Teams

What can we do

ViralMarcom offers Marketo Consulting Services that will help you increase the success of your marketing activities. Our team works with you to optimize your current instance to quickly unlock additional value.

Platform Implementation

If you don’t have Marketo in place yet, VMC can help you with its implementation, migrations, Integration, and Management. Our experts combined with our strategy consultants have the skills required to successfully leverage the full power of Marketo to get maximum value for your investment.

Campaign Creation and management

Ones you have your Marketo system in place. We start with building the model that matches your desired workflows, setting up campaigns, creating forms and building personas, progressive profiling, lead scoring, data segmentation & management, building creative templates and lead lifecycle management.

Analytics and Reporting

We’ll help you harness the power of Marketo and transform your business with analytics. We’ll track your campaigns’ performance with Marketo Analytics and make adjustments and optimize the next round of campaigns. We’ll build custom reports for sales and marketing teams to show your marketing effort and lead in-flow.

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