Inbound Leads


Viral Marketing Communication help you streamline and ease your media buying process across channels and platform by leveraging its global partner network of publishers, influencers, online media channels including leading b2b publishing sites and magazine, influencers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We align our advertising strategy and distribution of budget across channels for highest ROI to the advertiser. While we leverage our partner network to increase your brand value online and for lead generation, our in-house experts sets you up with search, click and other ads campaigns that you control through one single dashboard, track and measure ROI and analytics that provides direct market feedback.

Content Marketing

Text, Image & Video in all formats, content is the king of online channel marketing. At VMC we create your content strategy and content marketing strategy with guaranteed results. We reverse engineer the marketing process, i.e. set your goal and work backwards to quantify efforts, resources and budget required to achieve the goal based on intelligent analysis and market research, abilities that we have developed in-house to help our customers.

VMC excels in providing content marketing services through email, social, advertisement and search enabling sales qualified leads for our client month on month.


Conceptualize, Create & Execute Live Webinar, a solution that help B2B companies not just generate inbound leads but also increase brand recognition in the target market as sponsors. Webinar is solution based approach where Subject Matter Expert or Guest Speaker can speak on a topic  that is either challenges, solutions and trends in your target audience. We take care of end to end webinar solution from providing the platform, creating content for the webinar, inviting guest speakers, developing audience to join the webinar and all other follow-up activities required to make a live webinar successful. Furthermore we also help with lead generation activities on archived webinar that generate repeat ROI on one time investment made on sponsoring a live webinar.

Marketing Automation

We recommend adoption of marketing automation platforms to automate buyer’s journey from contact to point of sale where person  is ready to make a purchase decision. These platforms enable trigger based email and push notifications to contacts; based on their personas, behaviour and engagement level with the content. Intelligent lead scoring enables organization in identifying marketing qualified leads that can be pushed into to softsell campaigns to generate sales qualified leads. It is true that Inbound leads have higher closer percentage as well as short sales cycle vs. outbound strategy.   

Our team works on some of the most highly adopted automation platforms like HubSpot, Marketing, Eloqua, Pardot, Active campaigns, Sendgrid etc. We also help you with integration and data migration from CRM so you can track ROI based on campaigns, duration, product and any other way you like in one single dashboard.

Our consultants help you make righteous decision in selecting the marketing platform based on your need, goals, budget and environment. If you already have an automation platform we help you make best use of it by providing consulting services and creating campaigns for you which includes email templates, content, designing and setting up tracking parameter upto providing analysis to generate higher no. of leads for your business.

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