Adwords Hacks

Google Adwords Hacks to Double Your ROI

Every business wants to invest rightly, they won’t invest in aspects that don’t bring returns. This can hurt a business’s bottom line. It’s true that Google’s Adwords is an effective marketing tool. But, it is also expensive. Not to mention, very competitive too. Making Adwords profitable isn’t that easy. However, the following Adwords hacks can

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Enhance your Content Marketing with Marketing Automation

We are in the information automation age. Automation is touted for its various benefits. Some include reducing labor and saving time. Computerization helps cut operational costs too. In inbound marketing, automation takes over repetitive tasks and boosts revenue immensely. So, has your business embraced marketing automation? What is Content Marketing Automation? Look at the different

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Hubspot Features

24 Amazing HubSpot Features That You Shouldn’t Miss

Introduction There are lots of sales and marketing tools available today, which can make it tough to decide what best suits your demands and which tools can work well together. HubSpot is an excellent platform because it brings together several tools and features that are targeted towards both inbound sales and inbound marketing teams. The

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How can HubSpot help you leverage Inbound Marketing?

Introduction Instead of buying email lists or Ads, Hubspot inbound marketing is about attracting high-quality visitors and leads. This is accomplished by creating and publishing content that interests, charms, and educates target audiences because it gives them value. Inbound marketing content is designed to attract the ideal website audience and progressively move them through the

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Adwords Remarketing

How Remarketing Work in AdWords

What is remarketing? Remarketing or Adwords Remarketing or retargeting is an ingenious and cost-effective way to connect with website visitors that haven’t made a direct inquiry or purchase. It allows the marketer to target audiences that previously visited their website by positioning targeted Ads to well-defined audiences. The idea is to reach people that have

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B2B Marketing Campaign

How to Choose the Right Ads Platform & Strategy (Campaigns) for B2B Marketing

Getting right to the point, there is no magic bullet when it comes to finding the right Ads platform and strategy for your B2B marketing campaign. B2B businesses are not the same which means what will work for one company may not necessarily work for another. Additionally, advertising works differently across industries. However, understanding what

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How to Use Geo-Targeting to Increase Conversions

Introduction 80% of customers claim that the experience a company delivers to them is just as valuable as the products/services that it offers. Customers expect highly relevant content and ads to engage and interact with. Therefore, one of the marketer’s top priorities is to deliver a smooth online experience. These days, offering visitors nonspecific content

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