B2B Growth Hacking

B2B Growth hacking is a combination of tools, techniques, and processes that VMC deploys to improve online presence, demand generation and lead generation for B2B companies. B2B growth hacking is used to fast track sales growth of small & medium businesses.


Any B2B marketing strategies need 4 pillars to be successful they are Content, Contact, Marketing Platform & Web Presence.

We analyze and optimize your current marketing process by integrating UX design, technology, digital strategy & content.


From onboarding new subscriber to running demand generation campaigns we automate all process with help and use of marketing platforms such as Salesforce Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, Active campaigns etc. Intelligent use of CRM that integrates with these marketing platforms to capture feedback and further optimize each of the marketing campaigns to generate higher results with minimal human intervention and dollar spent.

Demand Generation

In marketing using a combination of search, advertisement, social media, email and push campaigns is considered lethal to generate the highest possible ROI. Our Marketing Consultants have decade of experience in creating right channel approach with balanced budget distributed across channels to get higher ROI based on your product, service, industry and target market.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is key to the success of any b2b organization, we help you generate qualified inbound leads using your current assets, content, audience, and the combination of advertising techniques through online platforms and social channels that generate high quality leads that is sales-ready. The impact of high quality leads helps b2b companies shorten the prospecting time and sales cycle thereby generating higher ROI for our clients.

Influencer Marketing

VMC has a network of B2B influencers who we leverage based on requirement and budget to generate high interest and demand for your product or service, typically b2b influencer would have more than a quarter million followers across social platforms and within their network to whom they introduce your product and service for which content and strategy is also developed by VMC.

Analyst Relations

To fuel higher growth rate for B2B companies, we highly recommend considering analyst relationship with companies like Gartner or Forester there are many. Our consulting services help you forge these relationships to get the best of both world; business relation as well as brand recognition.

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